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The Balearic Islands

Sightseeing in Formentera
Formentera is a very beautiful city in which tourists could enjoy some amazing sightseeing experiences as well as go to outstanding beaches.

Ibiza and its night life
Ibiza is famous around the world due to its amazing night life, although it offers several other things as well. This island is one of the most visited ones in the group of the Balearic Islands in Spain, and maybe the one which attracts the highest amount of young people as well.

Majorca - a great Spanish destination
The island of Majorca, part of the group of the Balearic Islands, is one of the main destinations in this region as well as in all Spain. This island is not only beautiful and ideal for those tourists who enjoy spending time at the beach, but it also offers many other attractions and entertaining activities as well.

The charming island of Minorca
The territory of Minorca is of about 52 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide. This territory contains a variety of different areas and landscapes, such as woods, green areas, beautiful beaches and a variety of other sea related spots which allow visitors to be sure of enjoying and having a great time no matter what their preferences are.