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Near Madrid

Alcalá de Henares and its university
At a distance of about 30 kilometers north from Madrid, there's one of the most amazing art complexes and universities in Spain, the Alcalá de Henares.

Avila and its unique wall
The town of Avila is located at about 115 kilometers from the western side of Madrid, and is without any doubt one of the main spots tourists should try to visit while being in this region.

The beautiful town of Cuenca
Cuenca is one of the most unique and picturesque towns in the entire Spain. This town combines unique and beautiful natural sceneries mixed with antique constructions in such a way that it shows an almost mystical appearance.

The ancient city of Segovia
Segovia, located near Madrid, is an antique city, very rich in past and traditions and full of interesting historic spots and amazing constructions.

Toledo - A medieval capital
The city of Toledo, near Madrid, used to be the capital of Spain during the medieval times, and still today is among the main and most important spots in the country.

Aranjuez - A royal site
Aranjuez has been known as a Royal Site since King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel gave it that name centuries ago.

Visiting the town of Chinchón
Chinchón, located in the surroundings of Madrid, is a very peculiar and charming town worthwhile to be visited by those tourists who are in the region.

San Lorenzo de El Escorial
San Lorenzo de El Escorial is one of the most impressive constructions of Europe and one of the most visited in Spain.