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Some info about Chueca
Chueca is one of the most bohemian neighborhoods of Madrid. This neighborhood is located next to Malasaña, towards the northern side of the Gran Via within the central area of the city, and is known as a very cheerful spot which offers a wide variety of entertaining activities.

Meeting the neighborhood of La Latina
La Latina, in Madrid, is a very peculiar neighborhood, characterized by being populated by people from a diversity of cultures and offering a unique mixture of traditions.

The neighborhood of Malasaña
Malasaña is one of the first choices among young people who visit Madrid as well as the preferred place for parting at night by those who live in the city.

The Palacio Real de Madrid
The Royal Palace or Palacio Real de Madrid is probably the most impressive and interesting constructions of this city.

Some interesting museums in Salamanca
Salamanca is one of the most famous and visited spots of Madrid and the entire Spain. This place contains a great amount of interesting things to do and spots to meet, such as for example several unique museums which tourists should make sure of meeting while being in this city.

The Museo del Prado - Madrid
The Museo del Prado, located in Madrid, Spain, is said to be the largest art museum of the world.

The neighborhood of Lavapies
Lavapies is one of the most peculiar and traditional neighborhoods of Madrid, unique due to its characteristics. This neighborhood has been traditionally seen as a poor district where many antique Spanish traditions and many cultural expression forms inherent to this country can be observed.

The Plaza de España - Madrid
The Plaza de España, meaning Spain Square, is a green open area which contrasts with the great amount of high buildings which surrounds it.

The history of Habsburg Madrid
Habsburg Madrid or Madrid de las Austrias is a peculiar spot in the city characterized by having many of its constructions built during the époque in which Spain was governed by the Habsburg Empire. This way, this spot is very particular not only due to its architectural characteristics but to its past and history as well.

Madrid and its Gran Via
The Gran Via in Madrid is one of the major roads of the city and which contains some of the most interesting and attractive tourist attractions and recreational spots of the area.

The Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza
The Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza is a modern museum which does not count on as many years of existence as most others Spanish museums but is one of the most amazing ones.

Madrid's Plaza Mayor
The Plaza Mayor in Madrid is one of the central spots of the city in which tourists can meet several different aspects of the Spanish traditions and culture.

The Centro de Arte Reina Sofia
The Centro de Arte Reina Sofía or Reina Sofía Art Center is one of the main modern art centers of Spain and one of the first places visitors who enjoy arts should visit while being in Madrid.

The neighborhood of Huertas
Huertas is one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Madrid as well as one of the most diverse ones.

The Opera in Madrid
Madrid has had a great relationship with the Opera through its entire history, and nowadays it still has an important role within the city. This way, those who enjoy the opera would probably be able to have a great time in Madrid by visiting one of the several options it always offers through several of its theaters.

The Prado to Sol in Madrid
The Prado to Sol is one of the main regions of Madrid, containing some interesting constructions and monuments among other elements.