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La Coruña in Galicia
This city has a productive extension of coast line and a port due to what one of the main factors on which its economy is based is the fishing industry.

The Rias Altas in Spain
The Rias Altas located in Spain are part of a group of larger formations spread within the coast of Galicia, conformed by the Rias Altas and the Rias Bajas.

Visiting Santiago de Compostela
Santiago de Compostela is among the most antique, famous and beautiful destinations in Spain, and a World Heritage Site since 1993.

The Charming Tui
Tui is a small charming town located within the south western area of Galicia, in the Province of Pontevedra.

The beautiful Pontevedra
The city of Ponevedra is located within the region of Galicia, towards the north western area of Spain.

Meeting the Rias Bajas
The Rias Bajas of Galicia are located towards the western coast of this region. Among the main rias in these group we can find, per example, the Ria da Coruña, the Ria de Ares y de Betanzos, the Ria de Muros y Noia, the Ria de Ferrol, the Ria de Corme y Laxe, the Ria de Arousa, the Ria de Camariñas, the Ria de Vigo, and the Ria de Pontevedra.