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The history of Badajoz
The city of Badajoz is located in the Spanish region of Extremadura, on the left side of the River Guadiana, near the frontier with Portugal.

The city of Guadalupe
Guadalupe is located within the Spanish region of Extremadura, at about 140 miles or 225 kilometers to the south west from Madrid and 117 miles or 188 kilometers to the west of Toledo.

Mérida and its theater
The town of Mérida is famous throughout the region of Extremadura due to its antique Roman Theater as well as to several other antique constructions and spots.

The antique castle of Zafra
The Castle of Zafra, built during the XV century, still shows most of its original elements and features being one of the most interesting constructions tourists could meet in the region of Extremadura.

Cáceres and some of its history
The town of Cáceres has been strongly marked by the Roman époque, and this can be easily noticed through the town's constructions and overall appearance which shows a unique mixture of elements from such period combined with modern life ones.

Trujillo and its attractions
Trujillo, in the Spanish region of Extremadura, is a town of small size but full of interesting things to meet.