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The city of Campulung
The city of Campulung is considered as one of the main summer resorts and destinations of Romania.

Crobeta-Turnu Severin
Crobeta-Turnu Severin, also known as Drobeta-turnu Severin, is an antique Romanian city located on the bank of the Danube, in Oltenia, and more exactly in the Mehedinti County.

The mysterious Dracula's Castle
The Castle of Dracula, also known as the Bran Castle, is located within the region of Wallachia, more specifically in Transylvania, and near Brasov.

Pitesti, capital of Arges
Pitesti is at approximately 275 meters above sea level and on the right bank of the Arges River. It offers a variety of attractive landscapes composed by an interesting combination of the river with hills and green fields.

Scornicesti, in Olt County
The city of Scornicesti counts with many spots and constructions related to the antique as well as the recent history of Romania, and therefore is a destination which all those tourists who are fond of disciplines such as history, anthropology, or archaeology should not miss during their vacation in Romania, especially when visiting Wallachia.

Visiting Targu Jiu
One of the main factors that contributed to the fast population growth of Targu Jiu is the activity of coal mining and the production of derivates. This city has become into one of the main coal sources of Wallachia, being this considered the main source of income for the inhabitants of this city.

The Olt Valley
The economy of the Olt Valley is based on a wide variety of resources, among which, we can name, for example, railway industry, mechanical components industry, food industry, metallurgy and aluminum, and textile industry.

Interesting facts about Craiova
Craiova is one of the Romanian cities located within the region of Wallachia, towards the southwestern area of the country.

Curtea de Arges
The origins of Curtea de Arges as a city can be traced back to the 14th century. During that century, Curtea de Arges was founded by Radu Negru, a Wallachian Prince.

Giurgiu, on the Danube
According to anthropologists, historians, and other experts, Giurgiu and its surroundings were already inhabited as long ago as in the times of the Dacians.

Ploiesti, capital of Prahova County
One of the most important moments in the history of Ploiesti took place in 1940, when an earthquake caused great damages and part of the city had to be rebuilt.

Targoviste and its history
While they are in Targoviste during a vacation in Romania, tourists could meet a variety of interesting spots, many of them related to the famous Vlad III Dracula, usually simply known as Dracula.

The Iron Gates in Romania
When visiting the Iron Gates, the first Gorge tourists could find is the Golubac Gorge, located next to Moldova Veche.