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The Banat

Oradea, in the County of Bihor
Oradea has beautiful landscapes composed by a unique combination of hills, rivers, and coastlines.

Some facts about Timisoara
There are several reasons turning Timisoara into a very attractive spot and one of the first places tourists should visit when going to the Banat during a vacation in Romania.

The beautiful Timis Valley
During a visit to the beautiful Timis Valley, tourists would be able to meet several different towns and villages.

Visiting the Cerna Valley
Due to its peculiar characteristics, the Cerna Valley is an ideal destination for every tourist who wishes to have a vacation in Romania and enjoys meeting unique natural areas.

The modern Arad
According to the experts on the subject, the origins of Arad a s a city can be traced back to the 11th century, when its first official mentions as such appear in several documents.