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A vacation in Baia Mare
The city of Baia Mare counts with a very diverse ethnic composition, being inhabited by Romanians, Hungarians, Romans and Germans among others.

The Cosau Valley
The Cosau Valley is one of the most tranquil, unspoiled by tourism spots in the entire region of Maramures.

Meeting Sighetu Marmatiei
The city of Sighetu Marmatiei passed from having a population of approximately 21,400 inhabitants in 1910 to more than 44,100 inhabitants nowadays.

Satu Mare - a county and a city
The city of Satu Mare is the capital of the county that shares its name.

The attraction of Iza Valley
The Iza Valley counts with a wide variety of attractions tourists should not miss, although its general appearances and the traditions of its inhabitants are often remembered by tourists as the most attractive characteristic this destination has.

The beautiful Viseu Valley
Viseu Valley is one of the most traditional regions of not only Maramures but the entire Romania as well.

Visiting the Mara Valley
The Mara Valley is one of the most beautiful and attractive spots tourists can visit in Maramures during a vacation in Romania.