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The uniqueness of Italian art

Italian art is among the most rich and interesting sources of art from the entire world. This region has been home of some of the most incredible artists as well as, today, it still is home of some of the most valuable art works which could be found. World wide art owes an important part of its history and its major influences to Italian art periods.

There are several periods in which Italian art can be divided and explored according to the époque in which they were created as well as to the roots of their creators. This way, most Italian art works show characteristics that not only are unique but also clearly show in which time they were created.

One of the main periods in which Italian art got a strong impulse was during the Medieval Period. During this period of time, art started gaining a greater importance than it had before, and appeared through the creation of mosaics and frescoes, some of which can still be observed today at many different Medieval Italian buildings.

The Renaissance was another period during which Italian art has gained great importance and when many of today's most valued art pieces and art works were created. During this époque, a new approach to the way objects and living beings are represented through paintings and sculptures can easily be noticed since they show a more natural and human point of view.

After the Renaissance, many other major Italian art periods have succeeded it. Some of these periods are the Quattrocento, the High Renaissance, the Mannerism, the Baroque, and the Rococo. All these periods had specific characteristics of their own and added new elements to what they had inherited.

During the last centuries, from middle 19th century, Italian art went through what can be called modern Italian art, which went through movements such as, futurism, which had its main impulse given by the Macchiaioli group. After that, Italian art started becoming more diversified, and different approaches were added to it. Italy has such an influence on art and the approach which other cultures have to it that it has actually been school of art for many artists from the entire world.