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Western Transdanubia

Fertod and the Esterhazy Castle
Fertod is a Hungarian city located within the region of Western Transdanubia, in the Province of Gyor Moson Sopron, near the border with Austria.

The history of Koszeg
The history of Koszeg is very interesting and is without any doubt one of its main attractions.

The beautiful Orseg
The Hungarian region of Orseg is characterized by having a great amount of forests and green spots.

The attractions of Sarvar
Sarvar is a destination full of interesting attractions and which offers an important variety of activities appealing for different ages and preferences, being this way a good choice for a family vacation in Hungary.

Some facts about Szombathely
The city of Szombathely is famous by being the most antique city in Hungary.

Gyor, capital of the Gyor Moson Sopron County
Gyor, also known as Rab, Raab, and Yank Tale, is a large city located towards the north western area of Hungary and within the region of Western Transdanubia.

The beautiful Lake Ferto
Lake Ferto is one of the most attractive natural spots tourists could find in a vacation in Hungary.

Pannonhalma and its Archabbey
The Archabbey of Pannonhalma is the most interesting construction tourists would find in this city.

The bilingual Sopron
Sopron, also known as Sopron-Odenburg, is a bilingual city located towards the north western area of Hungary, within the region of Western Transdanubia.

Zalagerszeg and its urban landscape
According to experts on the subject, Zalagerszeg has been inhabited since as long ago as the Upper Paleolithic times.