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The Fishermen's Bastion

The Fishermen's Bastion, also known as the Halaszbastya, is a terrace which overlooks the Danube on its Buda bank. This terrace is located next to the Matthias Church, on the Castle Hill, and offers a very interesting combination of Neo- Romanesque and Neo- Gothic styles, being a must for any tourist who enjoys disciplines such as design and architecture and spends a vacation in Budapest.

The Fishermen's Bastion counts with seven different towers, each one of them built in honor to the seven Magyar tribes that founded the first settlement in the Carpathian Basin after settling in it during the 9th century. This way, this construction is not only interesting from the point of view of architecture but it also is very symbolic and an icon of the city as well.

The origins of the name of this construction can be found in the history of the city, more specifically in the middle Ages. During that époque, this area of the city and the stretch would be defended by a guild of fishermen. Although this construction was built many centuries after the existence of these fishermen, it is very symbolic to their task due to the way in which it offers a strategic view on the Danube bank and its surroundings.

The Fishermen's Bastion was designed around the year 1895 and built during beginnings of the 20th century. Between this construction and the Matthias Church, there is other interesting attraction: a bronze statue of the king Stephen I. this statue was erected at beginnings of the 20th century, a few years after the completion of the Fishermen's Bastion, and is other important symbol of the city. The Neo- Romanesque pedestal on which this statue is situated shows illustrations of different important moments of the king's life.

The appearance of the Fishermen's Bastion is somehow magical and often described as a construction from a fairy tale. This charming appearance is provided by a unique combination of elements, such as its rounded towers and its many staircases. This construction is often remembered by tourists as the most romantic or magical spot in Budapest, and therefore, is easy to understand why is always advised that visitors who plan on traveling to this city should always make sure of including it in their schedule.