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Southern Transdanubia

Harkányfurdo and its spa
Harkányfurdo, often known as Harkány, is renown in not only Hungary but the entire Europe as well by its outstanding spa.

The Mecsek Mountains
The mountain range of Mecsek is a very interesting area of Hungary located within the region of southern Transdanubia, in Baranya, and towards the southern area of the country.

The large Pécs
Pécs is a large and attractive city which is a great choice for a family vacation in Hungary due to the wide range of attractions it offers.

Szekszárd, capital of Tolna
The city of Szekszárd is the capital of the Tolna County, the second smallest county tourists could find during a vacation in Hungary.

Visiting Kaposvár
Kaposvár is a Hungarian city situated at approximately 185 kilometers from Budapest, within the region of Southern Transdanubia, and in the County of Somogy of which it is capital.

The interesting past of Mohács
Mohács is a Hungarian city located towards the south western area of the country, within the region of Southern Transdanubia and part of the Baranya County.

Siklós, in the Villany Hills
The town of Siklós has an area of approximately 51 km2 and a population of about 10,400 inhabitants, having this way a density of around 204 inhabitants per km2.

The fortress and battle of Szigetvár
The city of Szigetvár is renown by its fortress and the battle which took place in it during middles of the 16th century.