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The Bathing Halls of Budapest
Budapest is famous by its more than 30 bathing halls served by the richest mineral springs of Europe.

The Chain Bridge of Budapest
The Chain Bridge of Budapest is one of the most iconic elements of the city.

The Citadel of Budapest
The Citadel of Budapest is located on top of a hill and provides outstanding views on the surrounding Pilis Mountains and Buda Hills.

The Fishermen's Bastion
The Fishermen's Bastion, also known as the Halaszbastya, is a terrace which overlooks the Danube on its Buda bank.

The Heroes' Square of Budapest
The Heroes’ Square is one of the main attractions of Budapest and a must for tourists who visit the city during a vacation in Hungary.

Margaret Island, in Budapest
Margaret Island is an attractive spot located within central Budapest, in the Danube, right between Buda and Pest.

Matthias Church, in the Buda's Castle District
The Matthias Church, also known as the Matyas Templom or the Church of Our Lady as it is officially called, is one of the most interesting constructions tourists could meet during a vacation in Hungary.

The Parliament House of Budapest
The Parliament House of Budapest is located on the bank of the Danube River, on the Pest's side.

The Basilica of Budapest
When approaching to the St. Stephen's Basilica, the first element visitors would probably notice is its towers.

The Budapest Zoo
When visiting the Budapest Zoo, tourists would not only be able to meet animals but also a wide variety of protected plants, since this area is home of the Botanical Garden of Budapest as well.

The Old Jewish Quarter
The first construction visitors might find when going to the Old Jewish Quarter is the Great Synagogue.

The Opera House of Hungary
This Opera House was constructed between 1876 and 1884, and since its completion it became famous in not only Hungary but also in all Europe and the rest of the world due to its design and interesting combination of elements.

The interesting Vajdahunyad Castle
Vajdahunyad Castle is a very interesting construction located in the City Park of Budapest and one of the main tourist attractions visitors could find during a vacation in Hungary.