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Keszthely and its history
Keszthely is an antique town located on the Hungarian region of Balaton, on the shore of the Lake of same name.

Siófok, a cultural centre
Siófok is one of the most visited towns in Hungary, and therefore tourism is among its main sources of income.

The resort town of Balatonfüred
Balatonfüred is a Hungarian resort town located within the County of Veszprem, in the region of Balaton.

The thermal Lake Héviz
The Lake Héviz, located in the Hungarian region of Balaton, is considered to be the largest thermal lake in the entire world.

The thermal waters of Zalakaros
According to experts, in Zalakaros approximately 820 liters of thermal water reaches the surface coming from a depth of 2,300 meters every minute.

The village of Tihany
The Peninsula of Tihani is of volcanic origin and has been inhabited for more than 1000 years.