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Saronic Gulf Islands

The beginnings of Aegina
Part of the territory of Aegina, and mainly the northern and north western area, count with very fertile lands providing one of the main economical resources of the island’s population.

The small island of Moni
The beautiful small Moni is almost a must for every tourist who visit the Saronic Gulf, specially the nearby Perdika or Aegina. There are constant usually daily boat trips from both islands to Moni, being this often included in tours showing the best of these islands and its surroundings.

Spetses - in Attica
The island of Spetses has a small town or settlement, being this a peculiarity since there are not more than three provinces in the entire Greece than have two provinces and less than five settlements.

The island and municipality of Hydra
The island of Hydra belongs to the Greek Saronic Islands, in the Aegean Sea. Besides this, it is also interesting to know that the Hydra Gulf separates this island from the Peloponnese. Anciently, this island name was Hydra, a word which refers to ancient springs it had until about 50 years ago.

The town of Poros
Poros is a small and charming Greek town located within the Saronic Gulf Islands, in the municipality of Elios Pronnoci and, more exactly, towards the south eastern area of Kefalonia.