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Northern Greece

The history of Alexandroupolis
The city of Alexandroupolis is located near the River Maritsa and the Greek border with Turkey, as well as it can be found at a distance of about 850 kilometers from Athens or 400 kilometers from Thessaloniki.

The Evros Delta and its natural beauty
The Evros Delta is situated within the northern region of Greece, on the north eastern border with Turkey.

The history of Kastoria
The history of Kastoria can be traced back to ancient Greece, towards the year 200 BC, and is very rich in interesting and important events.

The history of Phillippi
The city of Philippi is located on the foot of Mount Orbelos or Mount Lekani and close to the area where the Eagean Sea begins. This way, this city is located in a beautiful area and allows visitors to enjoy green landscapes as well as some amazing sea related views.

The region of Thrace
Thrace is a large region that is in part located in Turkey, in Bulgaria, and in Greece. Besides this, Thrace borders with the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea, and the Sea of Marmara.

The small Didimotiho
Didimotiho, also known as Didimoticho, is a small town located towards the northern area of Greece, by the Erythropotamos River.

Halkialiki or Chalcidice
Halkialiki, also known as Chalcidice, is a Greek prefecture situated towards the northern area of the country, within the southeastern area of Central Macedonia.

Kavala and its port
The city of Kavala can be found located on the Bay of Kavala, a very attractive place which can be especially enjoyed by all those visitors who like the sea and the landscapes it provides.

The Prespa Lakes in Greece
During the 10th century, a fortress and church were built by request of Tsar Samuil of Bulgaria on the island of Achil, on the Greek border of the Small Prespa Lake.

The ancient Edessa
One of the main attractions offered by Edessa is its waterfalls, with the particularity of being situated in the central area of the town.

Interesting info about Florina
Florina is a very antique town which was founded as long ago as during the Byzantine period.

Igoumenitsa - capital of Thesprotia
The city of Igoumenitsa is a great destination for every traveler who wishes to visit a place in which he can relax while being surrounded by amazing natural landscapes.

Konitsa - in Epirus
The town of Konitsa is the main central spot of several others nearby small villages.

Metsovo - a winter vacation destination
One of the most famous characteristics of Metsovo is provided by its excellent wines and cheeses.

The municipality of Parga
The town of Parga is very rich in history and its first settlements can be traced back many centuries ago.

Preveza - in Epirus
Due to its age and past, there is an important amount of cultural and historic places to visit in Preveza.

The port of Sagiada
Sagiada is very interesting from the point of view of history due to the fact that it is a very antique fishing town which has gone through an important amount of different historical events and époques.

The small town of Vergina
Vergina is very attractive from the point of view of archeology due to its amazing past and the interesting discoveries brought into light in its territory.

Visiting Zagoria
Tourists who visit Zagoria would be able to meet more than 40 villages of different sizes.

Visiting Arta
Arta is a Greek prefecture situated towards the northern area of the country.

The mysterious Epiros
Epiros, also known as Epirus, is a city that counts with the peculiar characteristic of counting with a great number of mountains and being often covered by clouds, a mixture of factors which causes it to show a mysterious appearance.

Komotini and its attractions
Komotini is an exciting Greek destination which offers a very attractive nightlife and a wide variety of interesting activities suitable for tourists of all ages and preferences.

Loannina - also known as Kefalovryso
Loannina borders with Albania at its northern side and with the Delta of Achelous at its southern side.

The large Macedonia
Macedonia is a large Greek region which counts with a territory of over 34.200 km2 and a population of more than 2.400.000 inhabitants.

The great Mount Olympus
Mount Olympus is famous by being the highest mountain in Greece, and is an extremely attractive spot among sport people and climbers around the world.

The village of Pella
Pella, also known as Loutrochori, is a charming village situated towards the northern area of Greece, in the prefecture of Pella.

Thessaloniki - capital of Macedonia
The city of Thessaloniki is also known as Salonica and has received several different denominations through its history.

The history of Veria
Veria is a Greek destination very rich in historic events and antique constructions as well as in a variety of other elements.

The prefecture of Xanthi
The prefecture of Xanthi borders with the Aegean Sea towards its southern area and with Bulgaria towards its northern side where the Rhodope Mountains are.