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North Eastern Aegean Islands

Agios Kirykos, in Icaria
One of the most interesting places tourists can visit in Agios Kirykos and particularly all those who are fond of disciplines such as anthropology or history is what is known as the Archaeological Collection of Ayios Kirikos.

The island of Chios and its history
The capital town of Chios is Chora, and is also considered as the main port town of the island.

The port town of Evdilos
The town of Evdilos as it is known nowadays was born around the year 1830.

Inousses - A semi-archipelago
Despite of is natural beauty and the wide range of activities it offers, Inousses is usually a very peaceful and quiet destination, great for those tourists who wish to avoid crowds.

Kamariotissa - A port town
The port town of Kamariotissa is where an important amount of the tourists who visit Samothraki first arrive, and therefore provides the first impression these visitors have on the island.

Limenas, in a gulf
While being in Limenas, visitors would find a wide variety of activities to do and almost any facility they might need to be comfortable.

Some facts about Psara
This island has a population of no more than 1000 inhabitants, most of who live at its main and practically unique town.

Thasos and its history
According to historians, Thasos was colonized by the Phoenicians at a much earlier time than most of the neighboring islands which were colonized as well.

The tranquil Agios Efstratios
Agios Efstratios, in the area of the north eastern Aegean Islands, is one of the quietest and peaceful destinations tourists could meet when traveling to that region for a vacation in Greece.

The serene Ikaria
Ikaria is a serene and tranquil island located towards the central area of the north eastern Aegean Islands, in Greece.

The large Lesvos
Lesvos offers a mountainous appearance and is characterized by having two gulfs of such a length that visitors would be at walking distance from the sea in almost any place of the island.

Limnos, in the prefecture of Lesbos
According to the ancient Greek mythology, Limnos would be the home place of Hephaestus, son of Zeus.

Myrina, the capital of Lemnos
One of the most famous attractions of the city of Myrna is its Venetian castle.

The archaeological Pythagorio
The town of Pythagorio is the capital of the municipality of same name and is a spot of great archaeological interest due to the fact that it is located where the ancient city of Samos was.

Visiting Samos
Samos, located towards the north western Aegean Islands, is a great choice for tourists who wish to have a relaxing vacation in Greece.

Samothraki, the Thracian Samos
The island of Samothraki has a population of approximately 2350 inhabitants who live in a territory of around 180 km2.