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Ionian Islands

The interesting Antikythira
Antikythira is a very interesting destination that is part of the Ionian Islands, in Greece.

The unspoilt Antipaxi
The harbour of Antipaxi, known as Agrapidia, is one of the most visited spots in the island.

Corfu, Kerkyra, or Corcyra
Corfu is a very appealing island and town located in the Ionian Sea and which counts with the peculiarity of being called in several other different ways, such as for example, Corcyra and Kerkyra.

Ithaki - a municipality of Kefallonia
Ithaki, or Ithaka, is a municipality and an island in the Greek prefecture of Kefallonia.

The mountanious Kalamos
When approaching to Kalamos, tourists often feel like it seems to be a group of mountains floating on the sea.

The large Kefallonia
Kefallonia is the largest island in the Greek archipelago of the Ionian Sea.

The strategic Kythira
Kythira, located in the Ionian archipelago of Greece, is an island with a very rich historical past due to the fact that it is situated in a very strategic location.

The island and city of Lefkada
The most important resort area of Lefkada is Nidri.

The beautiful Meganisi
Besides its amazing beaches, Meganisi also has several other appealing attractions tourists should not miss.

The small Paxi
Paxi is the smallest island in the Ionian archipelago of Greece and a very attractive spot which tourists should not miss when they travel to that part of the country.

The Diapondia Islands
One of the most famous spots in the Diapondia Islands is what is known as the Channel of Love.

The attractive Zakynthos
Geographically, Zakynthos is characterized by having mountainous areas mixed by fertile lands and attractive coastlines.