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Evia & the Sporades

Alonnisos - in the Sporades
The village of Alonnisos is located towards the southern area of the island and is one of the first places tourists should visit when meeting this destination, although there also are several other attractive spots spread throughout its territory as well.

Evia - a large and beautiful island
Evia has a length of about 150 kilometers and a width that ranges between about 50 and 10 kilometers. This island is separated from the rest of Greece by the Euboic Sea and counts with many attractive beaches as well as a very beautiful coastline which is, without any doubt, one of the main attractions offered by this destination.

Halkida - the capital of Evia
The city of Halkida, also known as Chalkida, Chalkis, Halkis, and Chalcida, is the capital of the island of Evia, the second largest island in Greece after Crete.

Patitiri - capital of Alonissos
The name of this town, Patritiri, was how the main winepresses in the area used to be called, a denomination that later spread to the rest of the region.

The small island of Skiathos
Skiathos is a small island of about 5500 inhabitants located within the Sporades archipelago and next to Skopelos, in Greece. Skiathos has a variety of attractive spots spread throughout its territory and many interesting things to do at its two main cities: Koukounaries and Skiathos Town.

Skopelos - an island and a municipality
Skopelos is an island and a municipality located in the central area of the Sporades archipelago of Greece. This town is characterized by an outstanding natural beauty, mainly provided by its unique forests and beaches.

The ancient Skyros
According to experts, Skyros was already inhabited in prehistoric times. This way, it is easy to imagine the amount of interesting past events and ancient constructions this island counts with, being a great destination to all those who enjoy disciplines such as history, archaeology, anthropology, architecture, and design among others.