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Agathonisi and its two main towns
Agathonisi has several beautiful beaches, most of which are surrounded by amazing and unspoiled natural landscapes.

The village of Agios Georgios, in Pyrgos
Agios Georgios, also known as Kardiakafti, is a village situated within the municipality of Pyrgos, in the Greek archipelago of the Dodecanese.

Arki - several destinations in one
Arki, in the Dodecanese archipelago is a peculiar destination which counts with the characteristic of having several different small islands.

The ancient Halki
One of the first spots tourists should visit while being in Halki is Chorio.

The small Lipsi
The island of Lipsi has several beautiful small beaches spread throughout its coast line.

Marathi - in Arki
The island of Marathi is where most of Arki's tourist facilities are, in such a way that visitors could find a variety of rooms, shops, and taverns that would allow them to stay in this destination and be comfortable for as long as they wish.

Rhodes - capital of the prefecture of the Dodecanese
The city of Rhodes, located in the island of same name, is considered the most important city or capital of the Prefecture of the Dodecanese.

The picturesque Skala
The village of Skala, as it is know today, was born around 1955 when most of its actual constructions were built near the area where the former town was.

The beautiful and small Astypalea
The island of Astypalea has a population of about 1300 inhabitants and a territory that is divided by a string of land of about 10 kilometers.

Emborios - in Kalymnos
Despite of the fact that it is one of the smallest and less popular villages in this region of Greece, Emborios is very attractive and counts with a very rich historical past.

Kalymnos and the Aegean Sea
A high percentage of the population of the island of Kalymnos shows the peculiarity of living in the capital town during winter time and moving to the holiday resorts of the island during summer time.

The island of Kos - near Turkey
The Greek island of Kos, with a territory of about 340 km2 and a population of 30.500 inhabitants, is part of the Dodecanese archipelago and is characterized by counting with beautiful beaches and a variety of commodities and attractions.

Mandraki - capital of Nisyros
The town of Mandraki has several ancient attractive constructions.

The volcanic Nisyros
The island of Nisyros is located near several other attractive islands and islets, such as, for example, Kos, Gyali, and Tilos.

Patmos and the Book of the Apocalypse
The main town or settlement tourists would find in Patmos is Skala.

Pothia - the capital of Kalymnos
While visiting the town of Pothia, tourists would find several antique constructions and interesting places, such as for example the Museum of Pothia.

The history of Simi
According to the ancient Greek mythology, the island of Simi was named after the wife of Poseidon, called Syme, and was where the Three Graces were born.

Vathy - in Kefalonia
One of the main natural attractions offered by Vathy is the Daskalio Cave.

The beach of Gourna
Gourna is a very beautiful and large bay and beach located towards the western area of the island of Leros, in the Dodecanese archipelago.

Karpathos - in the Aegean Sea
Karpathos is a large island that is part of the Greek Dodecanese archipelago and which is located in the south eastern area of the Aegean Sea.

Relaxing in Kassos
Kassos is a beautiful and tranquil destination ideal for relaxing and loosing stress while being surrounded by amazing landscapes and meeting unique places.

The small Kastellorizo
The island of Kastellorizo has a territory of around 9,3 km2 with three capes and a bay.

Lakki - the port of Leros
Lakki is the most important port of the island of Leros, located next to the beach of Aegiali, in the Dodecanese archipelago.

Leros - a friendly and beautiful island
Leros, known as The Island of the Goddess of the Hunt, or the island of Artemis, is often considered one of the most appealing destinations in the Dodecanese archipelago.

The harbor town of Phry
The origins of the port town of Phry, also known as Fri or Free, can be traced back to the year 1840, when a group of people from some nearby villages decided to settle in this spot.

Platanos - a modern village in the Dodecanese
The village of Platanos is located at about 10 kilometers from the town of Kissamos, in the island of Leros, and counts with a population of about 1000 inhabitants.

The small Tilos
Tilos, one of the Dodecanese archipelago islands, is a very interesting and appealing destination which offers a wide variety of attractions at every season of the year.

The village of Xirocambos
Xirocambos is one of the most traditional villages of the island of Leros, in the Dodecanese archipelago.