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Visiting Les Eyzies de Tayac

The town of Eyzies de Tayac is situated within the French region of Perigord, towards the south western area of the country, on the side of Vezere River. This town is very charming and allows visitors to relax while meeting its green open areas provided by the important amount of country lands it has in its area as well as in the surroundings.

Les Eyzies de Tayac is located in an area famous by its pre-historical remains, being among the main ones of the world. This way, many interesting pre-historical objects and art work pieces have been found in this town or within the surrounding areas, and several of them can be observed while meeting the area and its caves.

The town of Les Eyzies de Tayac is home of many archeological spots, being therefore a very attractive town for all those visitors who enjoy such discipline. One of this spots, and maybe the most famous one, is the Cro-Magnon Cave, where human bones from the Paleolithic period were found around the year 1867, turning the cave into a very appealing one for tourists from the entire world.

There are several other caves besides the Cro-Magnon Cave attracting visitors to this town in a constant basis. Among these caves, there is, for example, the Combarelles, the Font de Gaum and the Grand Roc, a group of Caves which had important paintings and other art works from the Paleolithic times and which were discovered around the year 1900.

Another interesting cave located within Les Eyzies de Tayac is Le Moustier Cave. Le Moustier Cave was a place were important discoveries regarding the Neanderthal man were made after finding human skeletons from such époque. Also, the spot known as La Madeleine Rock Shelter is another highly interesting site to meet due to the fact that several tools and art works from the Magdelanian culture were found in it.

The National Museum of Prehistory is located within the surroundings of Les Eyzies de Tayac and is one of the main places visitors who enjoy anthropology should meet while being in the region of Perigord. This museum exhibits an important amount of objects and art work pieces dating from prehistoric times along with an important amount of interesting data and information of such époque.