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The relationship of Sarlat with architecture

Architecture and the way in which different historic stages of this discipline can be seen through the town's constructions, is one of the main attractions of Sarlat. This characteristic turns the town of Sarlat into one of the most visited ones by tourists who enjoy spots rich in interesting architectural past and antique constructions.

There is an important list of buildings and spots visitors could meet in Sarlat. One of these spots is the Grotte de Rouffignac, a large cave which shows around 250 engravings from the prehistoric times, being this way a very peculiar and attractive spot to visit. Another interesting cave within this town is the Grotte de Font de Gaume, which shows more prehistoric art work expressions and paintings within its walls.

The Losse in Vezere valley is another attraction which Sarlat offers its visitors and which all those who enjoy meeting antique constructions should not miss. This building shows a Chateau built between the XVI and XVII centuries and where visitors could observe a group of tapestries from that époque while meeting its peculiar interior.

Eyrignac is a spot located within the surroundings of Sarlat and where visitors could meet some beautiful antique gardens. This spot allow visitors to meet gardens which might date from as long ago as the XVIII century and which still show most of their original appearance.

The Musee National de Prehistoire is another place tourists can meet while being in Serlat and its surroundings. This museum exhibits a variety of interesting prehistoric art works and objects. Besides the objects visitors can observe in the interior of this building, they also can enjoy the construction itself due to the fact that it is a charming castle which dates from the XVI century and still contains many of its original structural elements unchanged.

The Cathedrale St. Sacerdos is another antique construction open for visitors to meet while being in Sarlat. This construction was built during the XVI and XVII centuries and shows many interesting structural elements and ornaments of different types but all typical from the époque in which it was created.