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The old town of Nimes

Nimes is a very antique French town located within the region of Languedoc Roussillon. The origins of this town date from as long ago as 2000 years and therefore it is easy to imagine the incredibly amount of historic events and stories it can tell. There are buildings, constructions, monuments, and a variety of spots dating from many centuries ago spread throughout this city, some of them in a great condition and maintaining most of their original features.

This French town is very rich not only in history but in art as well. Its past shows a very strong relationship with artists and art works of many kinds, being a very recommendable destination for those who enjoy those disciplines. Tourists who wish to have a close encounter with the artistic side of the town should ask for information about exhibitions and museums, since there are several and each visitor would surely find more than one they might wish to meet.

The town of Nimes is famous by its full fights. Bull fighting is one of the main characteristics and attractions this city offers, and it surely is a peculiarity for a French city as well. There are several bull-fighting clubs and other places related to the activity spread throughout the town as well as some fights take place in it now and then.

Another great characteristic of Nimes is its gastronomy. This town is recognized throughout the entire region of Languedoc Roussillon by its typical dishes as well as by the great quality of all their gastronomical products, including not only meals but beverages as well. This way, it is highly recommendable not to miss going to a restaurant and enjoy a typical dish while being in this town.

Nimes and its past are strongly bounded with the industry of textiles of different types. This town has been producing high quality wool and cotton textiles which are required by not only other French regions but by other places of the world as well. Silk and some other textiles have been exported from this town as well, being among the most wanted of the world.