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The island of Mont St. Michel

Mont Saint Michel is a small island, or islet, located in the Gulf of Saint Malo within the region of Normandy. This islet shows an important amount of rocks in its structure and has a very interesting town within its central area, full of antique buildings and constructions typical from several different époques.

The Abbey of Mont St. Michele is the main attraction of the area as well as one of the French places most famous in the entire world due to its amazing structure and the great way in which its main characteristics and its style has remained unchanged through the pass of time. This Benedictine abbey is constructed on a rocky area of around 264 foot of height and surrounded by an incredible amount of rocky walls.

Besides its Abbey, Mont Saint Michel has several other interesting buildings and constructions very attractive for those tourists who enjoy architecture and history. This island has several constructions and small houses towards its lowest area, where most of inhabitants live. Within this area, tourists can even find several shops and some places were they could have a cup of coffee and relax while enjoying a great view.

Towards the upper area of Mont Saint Michele there are some antique buildings showing structures and appearances typically Gothic. Most of these upper area buildings were constructed during the XIII century and constantly attract visitors from the entire world who approach interested by their amazing architectural structure.

Mont Saint Michele also shows a very antique chapel. This chapel was originally constructed in the year 708 and founded by the man who was Bishop of Avranches at that date. The chapel's oratory was completed a year after, in 709. Although this construction went through several wars and battles without suffering any major damages, it went through several changes and re constructions ordered by different people within the X and XI centuries.

Most Mont Saint Michele's constructions show an important amount of granite and rock derivates in their structures which makes this town be very unique and peculiar. Besides its Gothic and Medieval constructions, this islet also has buildings from many other époques and styles as well.