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The fortified city of Collioure

Collioure is a very attractive city, so full of charm that many great artists such as Matisse and Picasso have created art works based on it and made this town famous through them. This town is characterized by its port and fishing activities as well as by the amazing antique constructions it has.

One of the main attractions Collioure offers is its great Chateau or Castle, which attracts visitors from many different places who approach attracted by its architecture and beauty. The Castle of Collioure was built within the XII and XIV centuries, and is, without any doubt one of the oldest and most impressive constructions of the city and the entire region.

The sea side area of Collioure offers what is known as the Gilded Coast, locally called the Cote Verneille. The beautiful sea side area of Collioure is ideal for walking, sightseeing and relaxing as well as it is often found to be very inspiring by artists, since many of them have created beautiful art work pieces such as paintings motivated by these landscapes.

Another great spot to visit while being in Collioure is its port or harbor. This port is very interesting from a historic point of view due to the fact that it has been a major gathering spot for traders from many different points of the world as well as it has been part of several interesting historic events.

From Collioure's port, tourists can have a great sight of the town. At one side of the port, there is Collioure's Castle, while towards the other side, visitors can observe the town's church. This church was built during the XVII century, and shows a tower which has been used as a lighthouse for a long time.

The central area of the town and its surrounding streets are very appealing due to their characteristics. The streets of Collioure are narrow and typical from antique towns. Within the central area of the town, and at the sides of these streets there are several cafes, restaurants and many different shops which combine modern life with the overall structure of the village in an amazing and unique way.