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The Côte Fleurie

The Cote Fleurie is known as the main sea side resort area of the region of Normandy, and the first choice among those who wish to meet beautiful beaches and relax within this region. This area is full of different spots, containing several beautiful beaches, pubs, cafes, casinos and many other places where visitors can relax and have fun.

Within Cote Fleurie and its surroundings there are several different attractions, such as for example the D Day beaches, the Cotentin peninsula, and many others. These attractions can be perfectly combined with the beautiful beaches of Cote Fleurie, offering visitors the chance to spend a great vacation by meeting a diversity of different spots and having fun as well.

The sea side area of Cote Fleurie constantly receives tourists and visitors from the entire world as well as from France and the region of Normandy too due to its uniqueness and beautiful characteristics. This way, this area is full of people year around and, due to the nice weather conditions it usually shows, any time a tourists would wish to visit it it would be the right time.

Cote de Fleurie comprehends 25 miles of coastline, with one end in Honfleur and the other in Cabourg. Within those ends, there is a beautiful extension of coastline, full of beautiful small beaches where those who enjoy spending time under the sun and facing beautiful marine sceneries could have a great time.

Among the most visited spots within The Cote Fleurie there is the town of Deauville and Trouville. Most of the time, Deauville is visited by many famous people as well as people from high acquisitive level in general. Trouville shows characteristics similar to Deauville's, but usually, it is visited by a wider range of people and tourists of different economic level and preferences.

Another much visited spot of Cote Fleurie, and maybe the most popular, is Honfleur. Honfleur became widely known throughout the region since the Hundred Years War, during when it was fortified, and since then many of the main events of the region would happen at it attracting interest to it.