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The Alps (Les Alpes)

Learn how to ski in Chamonix
Chamonix is a beautiful French town located within the Alps region.

Megéve and its ski areas
Megéve, located in the French region of the Alps, is one of the main skiing destinations of this area.

Skiing in Val d'Isere
Val d'Isere is often known as the main skiing resort of France and one of the most appealing ones of the world.

The beautiful Alps village of Talloires
Talloires is a village located about 550 kilometers south east of Paris and a few kilometers north of Albertville.

The town of Chambéry
Chambéry is located within the Alps, in France, and is one of the most famous and attractive towns of the region.

Loosing stress in Aix les Bains
Aix Les Bains is one of the most visited areas within the region of the Alps mainly due to its beauty.

Skiing in Chamonix - Mont Blanc
Chamonix is one of the most famous places in the world among those who enjoy skiing. This skiing destination is located in a spot in which France meets Italy and Switzerland, and receives a great amount of visitors from the entire world every year.

Some ideas on what to visit within Grenoble
Grenoble is a very interesting area located within the Alps, ideal for those who enjoy a beautiful winter environment and landscapes with snow.

The town of Annecy and its museums
Annecy is the capital of the French department of Haute Savoie and one of the most charming towns within the Alps.

Visiting Evian les Bains
Evian les Bains is considered to be one of the most famous resorts of France, and maybe the most famous spa resort within the region of the Alps.