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St. Dennis - Home of the Stade de France

St. Dennis is the French area home of the famous Stade de France or French stadium. This area is a department or quarter adjacent to Paris, located at the northeast side of this city, and although it offers other interesting things to meet, the stadium is its main attraction. This neighborhood is at a short distance from the centre of Paris and it is very easy to reach it while being at this area of France.

Besides the Stade de France, visitors who enjoy nature related activities would be able to enjoy by visiting this neighborhood's nature parks. There are several parks, although the main ones might probably be Parc du Sausset and Parc de la Courneuve. These parks are very beautiful and charming, and it is worth while taking a few hours to visit them.

There are some other interesting areas within St Dennis which tourists should have into account while being at the neighborhood. One of these interesting places is the Centre Ornithologige de France. While being at this center, visitors have the chance to learn important information about the environment and would even have the chance to receive free films about it.

Other interesting spots visitors could meet at St. Dennis are some of its buildings. This area, just like most of France, has some antique buildings and monuments which still contain some of the features they had when they were created in perfect condition. Among these buildings there is the Eglise Note Dame des Vertus or the Notre Dame of Vertus Church, dating from the baroque period.

While being at St. Dennis, those who enjoy antique objects would be able to visit what is considered to be the largest market selling antiques of the entire world. Also, this neighborhood is home of one of the most amazing airplane collections of the world, containing plying machines from all times. Besides these, there also are some other interesting places to meet, and visitors can as for more information on which spots to visit at any tourism centre within this neighborhood or any other.