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Aix en Provence or Aguas Sextias
Aix en Provence is a French city which, before being known by such name, was originally called Aguas Sextias and later known as Ais en Provencou.

Marseille - The oldest city in France
The French city of Marseille was founded about 2600 years ago by the Greeks. This age turns it into the oldest city in France and gives it a charm and an attraction which no other French spot can equalize.

The Alpilles and Baux de Provence
The Alpilles is a very attractive French area located towards the southern region of Baux de Provence. Alpilles has been made world wide known by several painters and writers who have been inspired in this area for their creations due to their beauty and particular essence.

Visiting a nature park in The Camargue
The Camargue is a very interesting French destination where visitors can find a wide variety of different activities to do and spots to meet. This area is located on the Mediterranean coast, and it is highly recommendable for those who enjoy water and beach related activities to visit it.

Avignon - The European City of Culture
Avignon is famous by the way it promotes arts as well as by the richness it contains within its antique buildings and monuments.

Meeting a Roman arena in Arles
One of the most interesting spots to visit while being in Arles is its Roman Arena. The Roman Arena of Arles dates from about 2000 years ago, and visitors could still go to bullfights of Spanish style in it.

The Roman Theatre of Orange
The city of Orange is located towards the south area of France and is part of the department of Vaucluse, at 20 km from Avignon. This city or town is famous due to its predominant Roman architecture, especially its Roman Theatre.