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Interesting info about Bergerac
Bergerac is a very appealing own located towards the south western area of France, within the region of Perigord. It is characterized by showing a unique appearance, mixing a peculiar combination of old town constructions with country side traditions and modern life elements.

Some things to do in Périgueux
There are many interesting things to do and places to meet within the town of Perigueux and its surroundings. This town is home of several unique constructions as well as it has several peculiar features which visitors should not miss.

The relationship of Sarlat with architecture
Architecture and the way in which different historic stages of this discipline can be seen through the town's constructions, is one of the main attractions of Sarlat.

Meeting Brive la Gaillarde
Brive la Gaillarde is one of the most visited towns in the French region of Perigord, within Limousin. This town is located on the left side of the Correze River, at about six hours from Paris, and is one of the spots of the surroundings offering most attractions for tourists.

The colorful Cahors
The town of Cahors is probably the most colorful spot in the region of Perigord, due to the amazing amount and incredible beauty of flowers and green areas it has. This town has inspired many artists and photographers and still, to the date, is found to be a great source of beautiful images and pictures.

Visiting Les Eyzies de Tayac
The town of Eyzies de Tayac is situated within the French region of Perigord, towards the south western area of the country, on the side of Vezere River.