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Normandy (Normandie)

What to do in Avranches
Avranches, located within the French region of Normandy, offers several different activities and places for visitors to meet.

Caen and William the Conqueror
The city of Caen is the administrative capital of the French department of Calvados and the capital of Lower Normandy as well.

The old town of Dieppe
This English Channel seaside resort is located in the region of Normandy at about 100 miles from Paris, and besides its beaches, it offers a wide variety of other options for tourists to enjoy and have fun.

Granville - A great summer resort
Granville is often described as one of the most attractive summer resorts of northern France. This town, located in the region of Normandy, is constantly receiving visitors from the entire world as well as from France since it is ideal for relaxing and spending a great vacation.

Houlgate and its beaches
Houlgate is a sea resort town situated at the back of a hill, within the region of Normandy, in France. Due to its great beaches and charming general appearance, this town attracts visitors from many different spots, not only within France but many other places of the world as well.

The island of Mont St. Michel
Mont Saint Michel is a small island, or islet, located in the Gulf of Saint Malo within the region of Normandy.

The Côte Fleurie
The Cote Fleurie is known as the main sea side resort area of the region of Normandy, and the first choice among those who wish to meet beautiful beaches and relax within this region. This area is full of different spots, containing several beautiful beaches, pubs, cafes, casinos and many other places where visitors can relax and have fun.

Bayeux tapestry
The city of Bayeux, located within the region of Normandy, is world wide known by its famous tapestries.

The seaport of Cherbourg
Cherbourg is a French town located towards the northwestern area of the country, within the region of Normandy. This town is part of the French department of Manche, and is world wide known by its sea port which has had an important role in different historical events.

The picturesque Honfleur
Honfleur is a very charming and unique sea side town and resort located in the French region of Normandy. This town belongs to the area known as Cote Fleurie, and is usually described as the most beautiful resort of the entire region.

Le Havre - A fishing village
Le Havre is famous, not only within the region of Normandy but through France and the rest of Europe as well due to the fact that it has one of the largest and most important sea ports of France.

Interesting places to visit in Rouen
Rouen is famous by being the town where Joan of Arc was burned in 1431. Besides this event, there also are several other historical facts and appealing spots by which tourists are constantly attracted to this town.

The D-Day beaches events
The D-Day Beaches is the name given to the famous events which happened on the 6th of June in 1944 and by which the Allied forces invaded Normandy in order to free it from the Nazis.