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Loire Valley (Val de Loire)

The chateau of Amboise
The Chateau of Amboise is counted to be among the first French Castles and Royal residences. It took two centuries for it to be constructed, starting at the XV century and finishing at the 17th, acquiring a combination of different styles within its structure.

The medieval town of Beaugency
Beaugency is a very interesting medieval town located within the region of Loire Valley.

Chambord town and its Chateau
The Chateau of Chambord or Chambord's Castle is recognized to be among the most amazing Renaissance constructions of not only the region of Loire Valley but the entire France as well.

A beautiful garden in Chenonceaux
For most visitors Chenonceaux's most important attraction is not only its Chateau but also the Chateau's garden. This garden is beautiful due to its colors, the way in which its elements are combined, its general design, and the landscape it creates along with the River Cher in the background.

The history of Chinon in brief
Chinon is an old French town located in the area of Val de Loire. This town is surrounded by two rivers, the Vienne and the Loire, as well as by an important extension of country land.

Le Mans - A great place for car lovers
The French town of Le Mans, located within the region of Loire Valley, is worldwide famous by its Le Mans Grand Prix automobile race.

Some history from Orleans
Orleans, the capital of the French department of Loiret, is a Loire Valley town which gained an important amount of historic attraction by being the entrance place of Joan of Arc.

The town of Tours
Tours is a French town located within the area of Loire Valley, surrounded by the Cher River and the Loire River, at about 65 miles from Orleans and 125 miles southwest from Paris.

Villandry and its castle
The area of Villandry is famous within the region of Loire Valley as well as in the rest of France by its beautiful castle. Besides this castle, this area and its surroundings also have several other interesting constructions and spots for tourists to meet such as, for example, the Gardens of Villandry.

The town of Angers
Angers is a very nice small French city located in Pays de Loire, within the area of Loire Valley.

Blois - A beautiful town on a hill
Blois, located within the French region of Loire Valley, shows the characteristic of being on a hill. Due to this peculiarity, this town offers amazing views over the surroundings and the Loire River, as well as some of the most incredible landscapes of the region.

Chateaudun and its surroundings
Chateaudun is a very attractive French town located within the region of Loire Valley or Val de Loire. This spot is often seen as a must stop for those visitors who are in the region due to the amazing antique constructions it has as well as to the general beauty it shows.

Cheverny chateau
Cheverny Chateau is beautiful from far as well as from close and in its interior. It can be seen from several kilometers away, providing a magnificent sight from the path which leads to the building’s entrance.

Langeais - Home of an antique Chateau
Langeais is famous by its interesting Chateau and the history existing within its walls. This Chateau constantly attracts visitors from all points of the world, who approach willing to observe its architectural structure, its artistic ornaments, and learn about its history while walking by around its rooms.

What to see in Loches
Loches is a very interesting town located within the region of Loire Valley, in France. This town is very attractive due to the several different antique buildings it has and the richness of its historical past.

Some facts about Saumur
Saumur is a very attractive town located in the French region of Loire Valley This town offers several different interesting aspects which visitors should take into account and consider at the time of meeting it in order to make sure of missing anything.

The beautiful Chateau of Usse
The Chateu of Usse is located near Chinon within the region of Loire Valley, and locally called the castle of the sleeping beauty due to the fact that Perrault's fairy tale was inspired by it.