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Languedoc Roussillon

Castres - An industrial town
Castres is recognized by being an industrial town located in a rural region. The town of Castres is situated towards the south western area of France, within the region of Languedoc Roussillon, and has a population of about 62,000 inhabitants, being among the largest industrial spots of the surroundings.

Interesting data about Narbonne
The town of Narbonne is located towards the south western area of France, in Languedoc Roussillon, one of the most interesting regions from the point of view of history.

Perpignan - A peculiar French city
Although it is French, the city of Perpignan is famous by the way it resembles a Spanish town.

The ancient town of Beziers
The town of Beziers has lived an amazing amount of events through many different centuries and époques. This amount of different époques and changes can be seen reflected in the way its name has varied through the pass of time.

The fortified city of Collioure
Collioure is a very attractive city, so full of charm that many great artists such as Matisse and Picasso have created art works based on it and made this town famous through them.

The history of Toulouse
The French city of Toulouse is very antique and rich in historic events, and most of its tourist attractions are based on this fact.

The town and commune of Mountauban
Mountauban is among the oldest towns of Languedoc Roussillon and the entire southern region of France.

Cordes sur Ciel - A city on the sky
The name Cordes sur Ciel, meaning “Cordes on the sky”, was given to this French city due to the way in which it looks like during the first hours of the day in winter time.

Montpelier - The capital of Languedoc Roussillon
Montpellier is the capital city of the French region of Languedoc Roussillon and the administrative capital of the department of Herault.

Some things to do in Auch
There are several great places to visit while being in the town of Auch, and is very attractive from several different points of view.

The attractive port area of Sete
Sete is a beautiful fishing town located in the south western French region of Languedoc Roussillon. This town is popular due to its fishing and port activities throughout all France and other countries.

The historical town of Carcassonne
Carcassonne is a French town very rich in history and past events, offering this way an amazing amount of fascinating spots to meet.

The old town of Nimes
Nimes is a very antique French town located within the region of Languedoc Roussillon. The origins of this town date from as long ago as 2000 years and therefore it is easy to imagine the incredibly amount of historic events and stories it can tell.

What to do in Albi
One of the main characteristics of this town, located towards the southern area of France, within Languedoc Roussillon, is that it shows a unique reddish appearance due to the great amount of constructions built with red bricks it has.