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Corsica (La Corse)

Cap Corse
Cap Corse is the northern tip of Corsica, and looks like a finger pointing toward the rest of France.

Porto Vecchio
The south of France, particularly the Cote d'Azur, has long been known for its Venetian influence as well as its French flavor. Corsica in particular has been claimed by France and Italy, and has influences from both. Napoleon was born on this rugged island.

In Corsica, Bonifacio is most famous for its position in the southernmost tip of the island, sitting on a limestone outcrop with the Mediterranean surrounding it on three sides; the views are absolutely stunning.

Ajaccio is the capital of Corsica, and is on the west coast. It was the birthplace of Napoleon, and was originally the settlement of Ajax founded by the Romans.

Porto is on Corsica in the La Scala di Santa Regina area. Like all Corsican towns, Porto is a contradiction in many ways, a resort town surrounded by natural beauty, a place set in history but thoroughly modern.

Calvi is located in northern Corsica, and owns the same fragrant smell of maquis, a blend of lavender, myrtle, and heather, that the rest of the island owns.

Corte, in upper Corsica, is set among spectacular cliffs and gorges near the place where the Tavignano, Restonica, and Orta rivers merge.

Bastia is the capital of the northern part of Corsica, and marks the point where the wild peninsula of Cap Corse joins the mainland. It's closer to the Italian mainland than the French one, and you can see the island of Elba, where Napoleon was imprisoned for several years.