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Caen and William the Conqueror

The city of Caen is the administrative capital of the French department of Calvados and the capital of Lower Normandy as well. This city's population is of about 115.000 and became famous after William the Conqueror established his residence at it and built many important buildings within the area.

An important part of Caen and several of its main buildings were destroyed during the D Day Invasion and World War II, due to what most of it has been rebuilt. Despite of this, there still are some interesting antique buildings still maintaining their original characteristics and appearance.

During World War II, the city of Caen went through intense combats during which a great part of the city and an important amount of its buildings and constructions were lost. After the war, and during 14 years, the city was re constructed and several of its historical buildings were re built following their original designs.

One of the most interesting buildings which have been originally built in Caen is the Abbaye Aux Dames. The Abbaye Aux Dames or the Ladies abbey was built during the 11th century under the orders of William the Conqueror's wife. This town is also home of an Abbaye Aux Hommes, a men's abbey built under request of William the Conqueror during the same époque than the ladies abbey.

Another great construction built within this area is Caen Chateau or the Castle of Caen. The castle of Caen was built by request of William the Conqueror in the XI century, during the decade of 1060. This castle is very famous not only due to its past but also to the fact that it is one of the most impressing European fortresses from the medieval époque.

The Castle of Caen has been the residence of several people of historical importance as well as it has witnessed several meaningful events which have happened within its walls. One of this events happened during 1182, when Henry II re united with his two sons, Jean Sans Terre and Richard Coeur de Lion and celebrated it with a great Christmas party.