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Burgundy (Bourgogne)

Auxerre - The main city in Yonne
Burgundy is divided in four different administrative departments: Cóte d’Or, Niévre, Saóne, and Yvonne.

Beaune - The southern area of Cote d'Or
The southern area of French region of Cote d'Or is known as Cote de Beaune since that region is mainly characterized by being home of the city of Beaune.

Dijon - Burgundy's capital
Dijon, the capital of the region of Burgundy, is a great city full of interesting things to do and places to meet.

Saulieu - A gastronomic centre of Burgundy
Saulieu is a Burgundy area very famous due to its gastronomical offers.

Some characteristics of Macon
Macon is the capital city of the French department of Saone et Loire. This department is located within the region of Burgundy, and its capital can be found on the right side of the Saone River.

The charm of Vézelay
Vézelay is a very charming village located within the French area of Yonne, near Avallon.

The past of Nevers
The city of Nevers is located in the French area of Burgundy and its origins date from the Roman époque.

Avallon and its amazing forest
Avallon is a city located towards the southern area of Yonne, in France. This city is widely known by being home of Morvan forest, one of the most beautiful forests in France and the main one in Yonne.

Cluny and its abbey
Cluny's abbey is the main attraction this Burgundian city offers, although it does have several other interesting spots for tourists to visit.

Paray le Monial
Paray le Monial is mainly known as a pilgrimage site, although it offers several other interesting characteristics as well.

Semur en Auxois
Sometimes called a farm town, and sometimes called a fortress town, Semur en Auxois is a very beautiful village located in the French region of Burgundy at about thirteen kilometers from Alésia.

The attractive town of Autun
Although sometimes it is not among the most known spots of Burgundy, Autun is considered to be one of the most beautiful places of the region.

The Cóte d'Or
The Cóte d'Or is one of the most famous regions of France, recognized in the entire world due to its high quality wines.