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Brittany (Bretagne)

Brest town in the past and today
Brest is a French town located within the region of Brittany. This town is characterized by showing a very modern appearance which contrasts with most of the other towns of the region.

Find out what to do in Dinard
Dinard is a very attractive town located opposite from the city of St. Malo, within the region of Brittany, France.

Pont Avent and art
Pont Avent, in Brittany is an area which has a strong relationship with art. This relationship was born due to the fact that many important artists have based their art works and have been inspired by this area, and therefore they have made it world wide famous through their work.

Some interesting information about Fougéres
There are several different things to do and places to visit while being in the town of Fougéres.

St. Malo's great harbor
St. Malo is famous due to its great harbor and the important role it had during the XVII century and part of the XVIII century too when it was the main harbor within all France.

The charming town of Josselin
Josselin is a charming small town located towards the northern area of France, within the region of Brittany.

The fortress town of Dinan
Dinan is a very peculiar town which shows several characteristics that differentiate it from others. One of these characteristics is the great walls which surround it, since they are the highest walls of the region.

The port city of Concarneau
The island of Concarneau, in Brittany, is considered to be the third main port of France.

The town of St. Brieuc
The town of St. Brieuc is one of the most ancient communities within the region of Brittany.

Carnac and its famous alignments
Carnac, located within the French region of Brittany, is one of the most intriguing places of France.

Paimpol town and its surroundings
The town of Paimpol has historically had an important influence within the region of Brittany due to its port and its sea related activities in general.

Quimper - The oldest city in Brittany
Quimper is a very particular Brittany city due to the fact that it is the oldest town within the region as well as to the fact that it is the capital of the ancient duchy of Cornouaille.

Some things to see in Vannes
Vannes is often remembered by those who have visited it as a charming town full of interesting spots and magical landscapes.

The beautiful Crozon Peninsula
Crozon Peninsula is often described by local people as the place where the sea and the mountains meet.

The city of Rennes
Rennes, located at 300 kilometers southwest of Paris, towards the northwestern area of France, is the municipal capital of the region of Brittany and one of the most interesting towns of it as well.

The history of La Baule
La Baule is one of the most famous vacation and resort areas of France. This town is located at the seaside of Brittany, towards west of Nantes and counts with an important amount of interesting historic data in its past.

The town of Nantes
The history of the town of Nantes is very interesting and there are some main facts visitors should ideally know before meeting its different spots.

What to do in Morlaix
Morlaix is a French town world wide famous due to its important port, although it also has several other interesting characteristics.