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Angouleme - The capital of Poitou-Charentes

The town of Angouleme is the prefecture or capital of the French department of Charentes. This town is located at about 80 miles from the region of Bordeaux and near to the town of Poitiers, towards the western area of France. There is a variety of interesting information to learn about this town and it might be interesting to ask for guidance on which spots to visit and some data about them when visiting the town.

The northern area of Angouleme is bordered by the River Charente, and the southern area by the River Anguienne. The town of Angouloume is located on a promontory and contains several beautiful natural landscapes along with several other interesting spots showing attractive constructions.

Angouleme has some amazing fortifications built many centuries ago and still conserving most of its original features almost unchanged. These fortifications have typical French ramparts, and from them, visitors can have a great sight from many spots of the town as well as from the surroundings.

One of the most attractive constructions to visit in Angouleme is the Cathedral of Saint Pierre. The Cathedral of Saint Pierre was built between the XI and XII centuries following a Romanesque style mixed with some Byzantine ornaments and characteristics. Although many of its original structural elements can be stil observed, an important par of this cathedral was rebuilt in the XVIII century.

The town of Angouleme is known throughout the region of Charentes as well as within all France by its production of paper. The town of Angouleme has been producing paper from several centuries ago, showing its origins in the XIV century. Besides the paper industry, this town also has several other important industries such as a wires industry and a machinery industry among others.

Many important and famous people were born in the town of Angouleme. Among these people we can name, for example, Jean Louis Guez de Balzac, Charles Gaudichaud Beaupre, Melin de Saint Gelais, and Charles Augustin de Coulomb, among several others who were born or spent an important amount of their lives within this city.